The students at Polaris and Lab are currently raising funds to purchase a JamHub and Electric Drum Set.  The JamHub is a piece of equipment that allows a rock band to practice with each other wearing head phones.  This allows more groups to practice in the music room simultaneously.  Performance fundraisers are done throughout the year and donations are readily accepted in the front office anytime.

$500.00 at Guitar Center

And the Electric Drums to with the JamHub
$300.00 at Guitar Center
-Guitar wall-mount hooks ($15 each, 5 total)
-Smartboard and Wall-Mounted Projector
-2 microphones and tripod mic stands
-Music Room Laptop
-Music Creation/Producing Program:  Ableton
-Nice Acoustic Piano
-Electric Ukelele
-Electric/Acoustic Guitar
-Electric Mandolin
-World string instruments: Sitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Acoustic Bass Guitar
-Hand drums: Djembes
-Brass and Orchestra Instruments: flute, brass, strings