Adopt a Kitty with Special Needs This Holiday!!!
-a service learning project for Polaris E.L. School Students in Fort Collins

Lela loves a warm lap, but diabetes ... not so much

   Loving Lela has the unfortunate fate of having been diagnosed with diabetes, which is sadly why she was surrendered to the shelter. But it’s a very manageable disorder.

  Lela just wants to make sure that her future adopter is educated about diabetes and understands that it’s a commitment to her, to make sure she gets her twice-daily insulin injections. Lela says, “My life depends on it!”

  This sweet, black, 5-year-old girl has been in foster for over three months and is ready for a permanent home, perhaps with a few less cats than her foster dad, James, has.   James said Lela is a total lover, snuggler and lap cat. She adores people and follows him around his home. He said she just wants to flop on him and purr, purr, purr.  “She definitely likes to sleep on the bed with me and loves to get under the covers,” James said. “She is a very fun and loving kitty!”

  But Lela doesn’t like other cats as much. James said she’s gotten better since his household went from eight cats down to six. So Lela would probably be ok with a house that has only one or two other felines.   One of James' own personal kitties is diabetic, so he’s familiar with their care, including scheduled feedings of a prescription diet and injections twice a day.

  But Lela and James both assure you, she is VERY worth it. If you’ve ever wanted to be adored by a silky soft kitty, she’s the one to adopt!

Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic

2321 E. Mulberry St. #1, Fort Collins, CO 80524

The students at Polaris and Lab are currently raising funds to purchase a JamHub and Electric Drum Set.  The JamHub is a piece of equipment that allows a rock band to practice with each other wearing head phones.  This allows more groups to practice in the music room simultaneously.  Performance fundraisers are done throughout the year and donations are readily accepted in the front office anytime.

$500.00 at Guitar Center

And the Electric Drums to with the JamHub
$300.00 at Guitar Center
-Guitar wall-mount hooks ($15 each, 5 total)
-Smartboard and Wall-Mounted Projector
-2 microphones and tripod mic stands
-Music Room Laptop
-Music Creation/Producing Program:  Ableton
-Nice Acoustic Piano
-Electric Ukelele
-Electric/Acoustic Guitar
-Electric Mandolin
-World string instruments: Sitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Acoustic Bass Guitar
-Hand drums: Djembes
-Brass and Orchestra Instruments: flute, brass, strings